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Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams
A dynamic life changing course presented by Mira Love
The work of Louise Hay stands as a testament to the power of the individual psyche; learn how to take responsibility for your life, how you live it and how to achieve your heartfelt dreams and ambitions. Work with reality to change the fundamental attitudes holding you back from living your life to the full.

On my life journey of personal growth I have read many metaphysical books and attended various related workshops. Listening to my body, using positive affirmations and meditating have become a natural part of my life.

Many years ago when I first read Louise Hay's book "Love Yourself, Heal Your Life" it resonated deeply. So many questions were answered, so much understood and known to be true, especially the fact that I am the creator of my life. The two day workshop Love Yourself, Heal Your Life was transformational for me so I want to share this knowledge with you.

The course is an intensive experience for your personal growth using Affirmations, Meditation, Visualisations and Inner Child work.

We are responsible for all our experiences.

Every thought we think is creating our future.

The point of power is always in the present moment.

Quoted from the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
To contact me please email: mira@miralove.co.uk
Heal Your Life Coaching
As a Heal Your Life Coach I encourage and inspire people, in person or by telephone, in positive & creative ways to:

"Spiritual Coaching with Mira has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Her warm, gentle nature coupled with her highly intuitive and insightful coaching style provides a safe and secure environment to explore spirituality and the mind body connection. My personal (conscious) goals changed as I was able to explore and connect with my higher self (super conscious) and enabled me to re-prioritise what was most important to me. Mira has a wealth of knowledge and experience and can provide a truly holistic foundation for the coaching experience along with additional support, guidance and spiritual wisdom. I trust her with my soul"  Heidi, London

"I had a wonderful 'You can heal your life' mini workshop and coaching session with Mira, who gave more than 100% of her warmth, compassionate healing and talent to our day together. I can highly recommend her to anyone wishing to look at old negative patterns and to move forward to a positive healing growth of self-awareness and forgiveness. I re-looked at old issues that I thought I had dealt with and defined new goals for my future.   Thankyou Mira." - Lesley, France

"Mira, you were so easy, natural and spontaneous I felt immediately comfortable and shared something with you which was most important. You helped me to look at something which I really needed in this time and moment" - Ranj-jit, London
Louise Hay and Mira