Mira Love
Laughter Yoga
Laughter yoga is a healing technique consisting of playful exercises to encourage laughter combined with simple breathing techniques to promote health, joyfulness, emotional balance and wellbeing.

The exercises always lead to real laughter, even if begun by faking it, especially when done in a group. The body and brain cannot differenciate between real and fake laughter, research has shown that simulated laughter creates the same physiological response in the body as spontaneous laughter.

Laughing is easy and fun

Some of the many benefits of Yoga Laughter:-

Promotes positive mental attitude
Tones muscles
Improves respiration and circulation
Boosts immune system
Relaxes the whole body
Brings more oxygen to body and brain making you feel more energetic
Breaks down social barriers
A pathway to unconditonal love
Brings you into the moment

18th September 2016 at The Yoga Studio, Wesley Place, Newlyn
2.30pm - 4.00pm
Fee: 10

Please bring mat/blanket, a drink and a blanket for your comfort and warmth during relaxation.