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I was very pleased to attend your Cape Cornwall Yoga Retreat : the yoga was inspiring, and I learned some new sequences that I am sharing with my yoga students. I particularly enjoyed the hip-opening asanas, and the shoulder work was also very good, as was the chanting. Being able to do the Labyrinth Meditation was a bonus on the final day. The setting for your Yoga Retreat was delightful, and the food was delicious. All in all, a treat for me, as well as fulfilling my Yoga Continuous Professional Development.

Margaret, Zurich, Switzerland

I thoroughly enjoyed the Silent Retreat at Bala Brook. It was an amazing setting and the opportunity just to “BE” was invaluable. Mira was supportive and gently encouraging, helping us all to relax and work to our own potential. Since coming home I have felt no end of benefit and even though I have returned to a very busy life I still feel completely refreshed a month later. The raw food diet was fantastic and both Lia and Mira gave us helpful tips about how we could continue with these healthy lifestyle choices in everyday life, which again I found priceless. Thank you Mira, I would recommend to anyone without hesitation. Mira’s retreats are a real opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate. Denise, London

I found the retreat run by Mira a nourishing, relaxing experience. Her warm, friendly nature and gentle style of teaching creates a beautiful healing atmosphere. Highly recommended.
Abbie, Penzance, Cornwall

Boswedden House's air of calm and friendly peace makes it a great location for a yoga retreat. There's a proper room for yoga, a swimming pool and wonderful vegetarian food.
Under Mira's gentle guidance yoga is fulfilling and fun.
Give it a try!
Fiona, Penzance, Cornwall

I have to say that I was possibly a bit apprehensive about the fact that it was a silent retreat, but in fact it gave me the ideal opportunity to look inward and reflect deeply on my life --- to get things in perspective. Being away from any contact with the outside world gave me the chance to simply concentrate on the self. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of my stay at Bala Brook, the raw food was incredible, haven't felt so fit for ages. I hadn't taken part in chanting before, so that was another new and enjoyable experience. The meditation I found really helpful, it always struck me as something a bit complicated - so now I know I can indulge in some way whenever I feel the need. I think we all felt we would have liked to stay longer, but the benefits of those few days linger with me and will definitely affect my way of life from now on.
Marion, Penzance, Cornwall

I can thoroughly recommend the weekend retreat at Bala Brook. It was very informative and the dietary side was therapeutic and also resulted in a weight loss of 4lbs. I keep practising the new yoga moves I received from you. I think the weekend did me a world of good , it was nice to try different things and certainly very nice to have peace and quiet.
Glynis, Kettering, Northamptonshire

Testimonials From Previous Retreats in Transylvania:

My husband and I were 5 months into our trip around the world, and I was in desperate need of some relaxation and downtime. We were in Romania at the time, and I was shocked that a Google search found a nearby yoga retreat starting the next weekend! Mira's gentle yoga style and meditation were the perfect ingredients to get me recharged to continue our journey. Casa Delurani is in the idyllic village of Beznea, where time stands still and you can still see the people working the land and pumping water out of their wells. Of all the things I saw and did for 9 months on the road, Mira's yoga retreat was one of the highlights and I give it my highest recommendation! Tamara, Houston, Texas USA

The opportunity to try a Romanian retreat combined with Gentle Yoga is a treat worth experiencing. The days passed by in a relaxed manner and on departure I found myself ready to return invigorated whilst being sad that the experience was over.
John, London

 Yoga in Romania was brilliant - the gentle pace and gradual build up over the week, the wonderful setting of the guest house and the warmth of the people. All these things  contributed to an unforgettable experience,
Jan, Cornwall

As a complete novice I found my introduction to Yoga both interesting and fun.  I would recommend it to everyone, especially if you can do it in surroundings such as we had in Romania.
Roger, Cornwall

I went on Mira's Transylvanian Yoga Retreat and found the whole experience quite life affirming!   From Mira's wonderful chilled yoga sessions to the nurturing environment of the retreat centre nestled amongst pretty villages in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains. Surrounded by a beautiful peaceful landscape the Casa Delrune is a Swiss chalet style retreat centre.  All mod cons are here, spotlessly clean - I slept in one of the smaller wooden chalets set in amongst fruit orchards but there are also lovely rooms in the main retreat centre.   We were thoroughly spoilt during our stay and Gabby the cook's  wonderful healthy Romanian food was always followed by deliciously rich confections, I particularly loved the Black Forest style layer cakes mmmm. Mira's sessions were just at the right pace and her style is very informal  - gentle yoga in the retreat centre looking out to  spectacular mountain views what more could one ask for.  I came home completely relaxed and energised.
Linda, Penzance